New Steel

We now stock a wide range of new steel including Aluminium Sheet, Angle Iron, Channel Iron, Circular and Rectangular Hollow Section, Flat Bars, Galvanised Sheets and Tubing, Reinforcing Mesh and Solid Round Bars. Note – both equal and unequal angle iron is available.

Our new steel is available in various lengths and sizes. The majority of our stock is available from our Moy office, but delivery is available so feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium Sheet
Aluminium Sheet Size Available
Plain sheet 2500x1250x3mm
Chequer Plate 2500x1250x3mm
Chequer Plate 3000x1500x3mm

Angle Iron

Angle Iron
Angle Iron Size Available Angle Iron Size Available
25x25x3mm 6.1m 80x80x6mm 6.1m
25x25x5mm 6.1m 75x50x6mm 6.1m
30x30x3mm 6.1m 100x75x8mm 12.2m
30x30x5mm 6.1m 100x75x10mm 12.2m
40x40x5mm 6.1m 100x100x8mm 12.2m
40x40x3mm 6.1m 100x100x10mm 12.2m
50x50x5mm 6.1m 120x120x8mm 12.2m
50x50x6mm 6.1m 120x120x10mm 12.2m
60x60x6mm 6.1m 150x75x10mm 12.2m
70x70x6mm 6.1m

Channel Iron

Channel Iron
Channel Iron Size Available Channel Iron Size Available
76x38x5mm 6.1m 200x75x23kg 15.3m
100x50x10kg 6.1m 200x90x30kg 12.2m
125x65x15kg 12.2m
150x75x18kg 12.2m
150x90x24kg 12.2m
180x75x20kg 15.3m
180x90x26kg 12.2m

Circular Hollow Section

Circular Hollow Section
Circular Hollow Section Size Available Circular Hollow Section Size Available
26.9×2.5mm 7.5m 60.3x3mm 7.5m
26.9x3mm 7.5m 60.3x4mm 7.5m
33.7x3mm 7.5m 76.1x3mm 7.5m
42.4x2mm 7.5m 76.1x4mm 7.5m
42.4×2.5mm 7.5m 88.9x3mm 7.5m
42.4x3mm 7.5m 88.9x4mm 7.5m
48.3x2mm 7.5m 101.6x3mm 7.5m
48.3×2.5mm 7.5m 114.3x3mm 7.5m
48.3x3mm 7.5m 114.3x5mm 7.5m
48.3x4mm 7.5m 139.7x4mm 7.5m

Flat Bar

Flat Bar
Flat Bar Size Available Flat Bar Size Available Flat Bar Size Available
25x6mm 6.1m 65x6mm 6.1m 100x12mm 6.1m
25x8mm 6.1m 65x12mm 6.1m 120x8mm 6.1m
30x6mm 6.1m 70x6mm 6.1m 120x10mm 6.1m
30x8mm 6.1m 70x8mm 6.1m 120x12mm 6.1m
30x10mm 6.1m 70x10mm 6.1m 130x10mm 6.1m
40x5mm 6.1m 75x6mm 6.1m 130x12mm 6.1m
40x6mm 6.1m 75x8mm 6.1m 150x6mm 6.1m
40x8mm 6.1m 75x10mm 6.1m 150x8mm 6.1m
40x10mm 6.1m 75x12mm 6.1m 150x10mm 6.1m
40x12mm 6.1m 80x6mm 6.1m 150x12mm 6.1m
50x5mm 6.1m 80x8mm 6.1m 150x15mm 6.1m
50x6mm 6.1m 80x10mm 6.1m 180x10mm 6.1m
50x8mm 6.1m 90x6mm 6.1m 180x12mm 6.1m
50x10mm 6.1m 90x8mm 6.1m 180x15mm 6.1m
50x12mm 6.1m 90x10mm 6.1m 200x10mm 6.1m
60x6mm 6.1m 90x12mm 6.1m 200x12mm 6.1m
60x8mm 6.1m 100x6mm 6.1m 200x15mm 6.1m
60x10mm 6.1m 100x8mm 6.1m 250x10mm 6.1m
60x10mm 6.1m 100x10mm 6.1m 300x10mm 6.1m

Galvanised Sheet

Galvanised Sheet
Galvanised Sheet

Galvanised Tubing

Galvanised Tubing
Galvanised Tubing Size Available
33.7×2.5mm 6m
33.7x3mm 6m
42.4×2.5mm 6m
42.4x3mm 6m
48.3×2.5mm 6m
48.3x3mm 6m
60.3×2.5mm 6m
60.3x3mm 6m
76.1x3mm 6m


Plate/Sheet Size Available
1.6mm 2500×1250
2mm 2500×1250 3000×1500
3mm 2500×1250 3000×1500
4mm 2500×1250 3000×1500
5mm 2500×1250 3000×1500 4000×2000
6mm 2500×1250 3000×1500 4000×2000
10mm 2500×1250 3000×1500
12mm 2500×1250 3000×1500
15mm 2500×1250 3000×1500
20mm 2500×1250
20mm 3000×1500

Rectangular Hollow Section

Rectangular Hollow Section
Rectangular Hollow Section Size Available Rectangular Hollow Section Size Available
50x25x2mm 7.5m 100x50x3mm 7.5m
50x25x2.5mm 7.5m 100x50x4mm 7.5m
50x25x3mm 7.5m 100x50x5mm 7.5m
50x30x3mm 7.5m 120x60x3mm 10m
60x40x3mm 7.5m 120x60x5mm 7.5m
60x40x4mm 7.5m 150x100x6mm 10m
80x40x3mm 7.5m 150x100x8mm 10m
80x40x4mm 7.5m
80x40x5mm 7.5m

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing Mesh
Reinforcing Mesh Size Available
A252 Eco 4.8m x 2.4m
A252 Flying Ends 4.8m x 2.4m
A393 Eco 4.8m x 2.4m
A393 Flying End 4.8m x 2.4m

Solid Round Bar

Solid Round Bar
Solid Round Bar Size Available
12mm 6.1m
16mm 6.1m
20mm 6.1m
25mm 6.1m
32mm 6.1m

Solid Square Bar

Solid Square Bar
Solid Square Bar Size Available
12mm 6.1m
16mm 6.1m
20mm 6.1m

Square Hollow Section

Square Hollow Section
Square Hollow Section Size Available Square Hollow Section Size Available
20x20x2mm 7.5m 70x70x4mm 7.5m
20x20x2.5mm 7.5m 80x80x3mm 7.5m
25x25x2mm 7.5m 80x80x4mm 7.5m
25x25x2.5mm 7.5m 80x80x5mm 7.5m
25x25x3mm 7.5m 80x80x6mm 7.5m
30x30x2mm 7.5m 90x90x3mm 7.5m
30x30x2.5mm 7.5m 90x90x4mm 7.5m
30x30x3mm 6.1m 7.5m 90x90x5mm 7.5m
40x40x2mm 7.5m 100x100x3mm 7.5m
40x40x2.5mm 7.5m 100x100x4mm 7.5m
40x40x3mm 7.5m 100x100x5mm 7.5m
40x40x4mm 7.5m 100x100x6mm 7.5m
50x50x2.5mm 7.5m 100x100x8mm 7.5m 10m
50x50x3mm 7.5m 120x120x4mm 7.5m
50x50x4mm 7.5m 120x120x5mm 7.5m
50x50x5mm 7.5m 120x120x8mm 7.5m
60x60x3mm 7.5m 10m 150x150x5mm 7.5m
60x60x4mm 7.5m 150x150x8mm 7.5m 10m
70x70x3mm 7.5m

Universal Beam

Universal Beam
Universal Beam Size Available Universal Beam Size Available
152x89x16kg 12.2m 15.3m 305x165x54kg 12.2m 15.3m
178x102x19kg 12.2m 15.3m
203x102x23kg 12.2m 15.3m
203x133x25kg 12.2m 15.3m
203x133x30kg 12.2m 15.3m
254x146x31kg 12.2m 15.3m
254x146x37kg 12.2m 15.3m
254x146x43kg 12.2m 15.3m
305x165x40kg 12.2m 15.3m

Universal Column

Universal Column
Universal Column Size Available
152x152x23kg 12.2m 15.3m
152x152x30kg 12.2m 15.3m
203x203x46kg 12.2m 15.3m
203x203x52kg 15.3m
203x203x60kg 12.2m 15.3m
254x254x73kg 12.2m 15.3m
254x254x89kg 15.3m

Mesh Panels

Mesh Panels
Mesh Panels Size Available
1″ x 1″ (12g) 8×4
1″ x 1″ (12g) Galvanised 8×4
2″ x 2″ (10g) 8×4
2″ x 2″ (10g) Galvanised 8×4
2″ x 2″ (8g) 8×4

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